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Gutter Cleaning

Clean and breathable gutters and downspouts make for optimal drainage.

  • 15 min
  • estimated
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

** BEGINNING WITH A FREE 15 MINUTE ESTIMATE** INTERIOR GUTTER CLEANING Removing and clearing of all debris inside of gutters using various tools for best results. Hand blowers are used for bulk and/or full cleaning of interior contents of gutters. Fallen debris on the ground is then distributed for natural decomposition or picked up and removed (additional fee) for dumping. Water flush is performed to rinse out remaining debris and ensure optimal drainage. Downspout tops are inspected and cleared for maximum water flow. Once service is complete a rinse down of gutter faces, walls, and windows is done to ensure a clean finish. Finally, a hard surface blow off to leave your property tidy. Removal by hand option: This method is done by hand and with scoops to clear internal gutter contents while continually moving ladders around perimeter of house. This service method is a lengthier procedure but can show cleaner results. A water flush and exterior rinse down is also included with this method. EXTERIOR GUTTER (face) CLEANING Using an extendable water-fed pole we clean the outside faces of your gutters removing mold, mildew, algae, dirt, mud, and moss. This service adds some 'pop' and curb appeal to your house.

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4243 Carey Road, Victoria, BC, Canada

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